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Children are natural helpers, classes available to them are:

Kindergarten workshops - This session is a great teachers aide, showing participants how to use different bandages for different places, what to watch for on the playground, and how to help in case someone is hurt.

Babysitting classes - This course teaches children aged 11 and up how to be home alone and responsible for other small children. Safety is discussed, providing meals and first aid while in charge and what to do in case of other emergencies, diaper changing, bottle warming and feeding and much more. It is a full day of learning and fun.

Stay Safe program - Learning responsibility, safety within the community and setting boundaries, how to call emergency services and how to answer the phone or door for safety.

Youth Leadership - Learn the fundamentals of how to be a leader, problem solving and working with difficult people.

Wilderness training for youth - A 5 day excursion learning how to safely camp, planning, outdoor cooking, wild animal safety, wilderness first aid, and how to leave a campsite the way it was found. Participants can earn a 3 year Wilderness & remote first aid certificate at the end of the course.

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