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It can be hard to know which course you need to take for employment. Please find below a basic description of each level to help you find what you need.

Emergency First Aid with CPR A + AED - WSIB States that out of every five employees one must possess at least this level. This is a one day 6.5 hour class designed to teach you basic first aid and what to do for CPR for adults only. This class does not teach you how to treat children and infants.

Standard First Aid with CPR A + AED - This is a more in depth class providing you with a few more modules then the above course, for example bone and joint injuries is included in this but not in the emergency level. This is a two day 13.5 hour class teaching you how to treat adults only. It is designed more for industrial and factory style businesses. (places where children and infants generally do not go.)

Standard First Aid with CPR C + AED - A two day 14.5 hour class that teaches how to treat adults, children and infants in many emergency situations. This class is designed for retail, schools, daycare and anywhere the general public would be found.

Blended Learning Course - There are two components to this class which helps employers solve the issue of having employees in class for two days and dealing with time and production loss. Participants must first complete the self-paced online component after printing the completion certificate they then can successfully complete an Instructor-led classroom component this part evaluates the skills and practice part after which there will be an evaluation. With both parts completed the participant then can be certified.

Parenting Workshops are also available to teach first time parents how to provide basic care for their child. This is a 4 hour session which includes diaper changing, bathing safety, providing healthy meals and many other modules.

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